WaterBoss 700
The WaterBoss 700 is a salt-based water softener. It is suitable for a medium sized household or family of four. This model has the added extra of actually being a water filter too. This model will soften up to 70 grains per gallon (1/4 liter) and can also reduce up to 10 ppm(parts per million) of iron, sediment and dirt. The filter is effective to 20 microns which puts it on a par with an average whole house water filter, but means its not as effective as a reverse osmosis system. The filter is actually self cleaning too, which means there are no messy filter changes to be made. At the stage of designing of the house there is a place saved for water softeners and filters, and if there is no such place, filter install cauld be problematically. Unique and compact size, modern design and high characteristics allows to use WaterBoss 700 even where there was no reserved place for install.

The water softener is able to regenerate (cleanse itself) in just 18 minutes, which means it is rarely offline and it uses less water too, it is important when local sewerage and water caunter are used.

Water softener Aquaphor WaterBoss 700 use monodisperse ion exchange resin approximately with 0,2 mm grunule diameter. "Narrow" fractional composition in combination with a small granule size provides a sorption (ion exchange) environment with very low hydrodynamic resistance and high ion exchange reaction kinetics.


In WaterBoss 700 ion exchange resin is tightly sealed between two polymer chains with cell size of 20 μm. Because of that stagnant volumes of resin, that does not soften the water, does not appear.

1. Two-section filtration capacity combine self-cleaning filters and reduces sorbent. 2. Built-in self-cleaning filter does not require replacement of modules. 3. Impacted layer of softening sorbent provides maximum efficiency in purification of water hardness salts, iron and manganese ions. 4. Patented flow distributor delivers the water through the entire layer of sorbent which eliminates formation of stagnant zones. It reduces required amount of sorbent and salt for regeneration. 5. Easy-to-use controller - set water hardness level and time, the rest the controller will do by itself. 6. Emergency valve prevents overflow. 7. Control valve - quiet and fully automatic. 8. Durable plastic housing combines filter housing and salt container.

Regeneration efficiency

Aquaphor WaterBoss systems implements the backflow regeneration "in preloaded layer", which is impossible at the free-fill resin due to the floating effect. It achieves considerable - up to 70% - salt saving during regeneration.

Technical information

Model parameters WaterBoss700 Typicals filters
Maximum compensatory hardness(mg-ekv/l) 24,1
Maximum accumulated hardness, mg-ekv 35490
Maximum iron concentration at the inlet, mg/l 10
Minimum pH 6
The amount of salt per regeneration, kg 1.14
The duration of the regeneration, min 20
The amount of water per regeneration, l 57
Connecring dimensions (in/out) ¾”
The effectiove cross section of the valve 1”
Possible reserves of salt 55
Power 220/12VAC, 50Hz
Maximum water temperature 49°С
Pressure (minimum – maximum), atm 1,4 – 8,0
The pressure drop in the filter during "service" condition, consuming 19 l/min, atm 0.22
Width х Depth х Height 38 х 48 х 65