Broxetten salt tablets


The efficiency of water softening installations largely depends on the quality of the salt used. This is why BROXO® has developed very pure regeneration salts, compacted under high pressure. Our quality products BROXO® 6-15, BROXO® TABLETS, and BROXO® Block offer our customers tailor-made regeneration salts for all types of water softening installations, both industrial and domestic, as well as laboratories, hospitals and clinics.

Optimum saline solution

Tableted salt should be dissolved gradually and evenly in order to provide optimum saline at each regeneration cycle.
Most of the salt tablets for regeneration on the market were compressed at low pressure. That is why it easily decomposes and forms a barrier layer in the brine tank for storage or in other elements of the system. BROXETTEN salt tablets always retains its shape, even after a long stay in the brine tank. This is the result of a unique production method, in which the refined vacuum salt is compressed under special conditions and high pressure. BROXETTEN salt tablets provides not only soft water, but also eliminates the need for cleaning the storage tank.

Некачественная соль на одном из объектов Некачественная соль на одном из объектов

Chemical compisition

Sodium chloride (NaCl) 99.8%*
Sodium content 39.0%
Humidity (H2O) <0.05%

*in dry pure salt

Particle distribution by size

Round tablets O 25 x 17mm
Abrasive particles (crushed) <2%*

*Particle distribution by size may vary as a result of separation during transporting and storage.


1100 kg/m3

Delivery unit

Plastic bag
25kg x 40
Plastic bag
25kg x 40
European article number (unitary) 8715800937181 No information
European article number(multiple) No information No information
Pallet Reusable pallet euro HT 120x80cm Disposable pallet HT 120x80сm
Packaging 8 8
n-layer 5 5
Total weight (brutto) 1030kg 1030kg
Net weight 1000kg 1000kg

All BROXO compacted salt products from Akzo Nobel meet the standard EN973 A. This standard is for chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption: Sodium Chloride for regeneration of ion exchangers. The norm has a class A and B where the salt that conforms to A is more pure than B.
Our compacted salt is made purely from vacuum salt with a very low level of impurity, for minimal effect on your water softening equipment
Salt tablets are supplied in 25 kg polypropylene bags.