Water analysis

How to take a sample of water?

The sample of watar for analysis has to be filled in sterilized 1.5 L bottle. A bottle should not contain air. A sample is suitable for analysis for two hours.

Aquabalt SIA makes water non-in-depth analysis according to the next indicators, which are very important when you are chosing water purification device:

  • Fe - iron content;
  • pH - the concentration of hydrogen ions in the water;
  • H - water density;
  • PO - permanganate index of water (organic);
  • TDS - salt content.

This analysis affects only non-organic substance indicators. If water sample contains bacteriological and/or chemical impurities, analysis may be inaccurate.

The Cost of the analysis: Eur 10,00; The result of the analysis: after 2 days.!

Where to submit water sample?

Health inspectorate, Rīga, Klijānu iela 7
Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre, Jūrmala, Ošu iela 5

Attention! The cost of analysis and preparation time can be changed without advance notice.