Aquathin® Soft & Clean series

Soft&Clean 45KF
The Soft and Clean Water Conditioning Series is a compact, total home water protection system for the removal of calcium, magnesium (which are hard water constituents) and up to 5 parts per million of iron and 2 parts per million of lead. Showers and baths feel cleaner and fresher. Laundry and dishes are brighter and spot free. The fully automated Super All-Weather valve permits customized settings for each installation. The patented Clip Cabinet is made of reinforced virgin recycled plastic (Do the Earth a Favor!) and permits easy installation and service. Available in handsome SYN-CHROMATIC (Twin tank) sizes for larger residences and restaurants. The Clip Cabinet is protected by AquaShield and incorporates built-in ANTIMICROBIAL Product Protection, allowing the highest standards of product performance and longevity. Aquashield inhibits the growth of microorganisms in the brine water which are associated with stains, odors, and fouling, while helping to keep critical surfaces cleaner on a continuous basis.

Most popular models

Models ASC25K/F ASC60K/F
Size, cm (g/p/a) 69 / 43 / 158 69 / 43 / 158
Weight, kg 60 60
Volume, grains 25000 60000
Throughput service/max (m3/hour) 2,9 4,3
Salt container volume, kg 100 100


Control unit 3 years
Resin 10 years
Salt storage tank Clip CabinetTM 12 years
Housing lifetime

Only Aquathin® softeners have bactericidal generators to neutralize bacteria – it keeps resin and salt storage tanks Clip Cabinet™ clean and prevents unpleasant odor. Optimally adjusted control unit can decrease salt consumption by half.