Iron removal

Iron removal - one of the most common problems in water purification. Water acquire a brown color and an unpleasant metallic taste, because of the high iron concentration. The presence of iron and manganese cause overgrowing of pipelines, which cause slowing the flow and pressure drop in the pipes. That is why iron removal is very important.

Water iron removal filter is designed for water purification from iron, manganese and sometimes hydrogen sulfide. Water iron removal occurs during oxidation of ferrous iron to ferric form. After oxidation ferric iron deposit on the filter surface, then it is removed by backwashing. Ferrous iron is oxidating by Brim, Greensand and МТМ filtering material help. Iron removal filter decrease iron content in water by 95-96%. Filter housing is made from high endurance fiberglass.

Choice of filtering material is based on water chemical analysis. Our specialists will choose most suitable filtering material and install highest quality iron removal filter.


Reagent iron removal filters


Non-reagent iron removal filters, aeration