Big Blue®

Big Blue filters are designed for water purification in households and industry. Main elements of the filter: housing (flask) and cartridge. Big Blue filters (Big Blue 10, Big Blue 20) removes from water mechanical particle. Also there are special cartridges BB10 and BB20 for chlorine, organic (carbon cartridge), hardness salts (softener in BB20 housing) and iron (iron removal in BB20 housing) removal. Flask is made from plastic (white, blue, black, red, transparent) or stainless steel. The most common color of the flask is blue. It is not recommended to use transparent flasks, because they are made from fragile plastic. BB10 and BB20 flasks are black and red, they are made from heat-resistant plastic and they are used for hot water treatment. World centers of producing Big Blue housings and cartridges - China and Taiwan.

If you would like to buy Big Blue filter, we recommend to choose housing with double sealing (two rubber sealing rings on the thread connects the base to the filter flask). All Big Blue filters have the same diameter: 18,5 cm (diameter of Big Blue cartridge: 4 inches = 10 cm). Lenght of Big Blue filters is different: BB10 (10 inches = 25 cm) and BB20 (20 inches = 50 cm). BB20 filters are more productive.

Maximum working pressure for Big Blue filter - 8,6 bar.
Maximum working temperature for Big Blue filter - 52 °С.

NSF Certifications

*The 150233, 150234, 150235, 150236, 150237, 150238, 150239, 150240, 150467, 150468, 150469, and 150470 Tested and Certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material and structural integrity requirements.*