Disk filters Аrkal

Arkal Water Filtration Systems operate using a specially designed disc filtration technology. Thin, color-coded polypropylene discs are diagonally grooved on both sides to a specific micron size. A series of these discs are then stacked and compressed on a specially designed spine. When stacked, the groove on top runs opposite to the groove below, creating a filtration element with a statistically significant series of valleys and traps for solids. The stack is enclosed in a corrosion and pressure resistant housing.

Operating principle

During the filtration process, the filtration discs are tightly compressed together by the spring’s power and the differential pressure, thus providing high filtration efficiency. Filtration occurs while water is percolating from the peripheral end to the core of the element. Depending on the micron rating, there are from 18 (in 400 micron discs) to32 (in 20 micron discs) stopping points in each track, thus creating the unique in-depth filtration.


Because of the bumps, the disks have tiny spaces between them when stacked together. The water is forced between the disks, and the particulates are filtered out because they won't fit through these gaps. The organics are snagged by the sharp points on the bumps. For automatic cleaning of the filter the disks are separated from each other which frees the debris to be flushed out through a flush outlet. For manual cleaning, you must remove the disks and hose them off.

Change «cartridges» only after 10 years!

3/4" - 3/4" Filtap (with valve)

w/o valve Filtap
Max pressure 10 bar 10 bar
Max flow-rate 4 m3/h 4 m3/h
Filtering area 160 сm2 160 сm2
Filtering volume 95 см3 95 см3
Lenght (L) 145 mm 195 mm
Width (W) 190 mm 195 mm
Distance bttween connections 152 mm 155 mm
Weight 300 g 385 g

1" - 1 " Super

1" 1" Super
Max pressure 10 bar 10 bar
Max flow-rate 400 - 100 mic
6 m3/h 8 m3/h
55 mic
4 m3/h 6 m3/h
Filtering area 316 см2 500 см2
Filtering volume 95 см3 95 см3
Lenght (L) 237 mm 340 mm
Width (W) 158 mm 158 mm
Distance bttween connections 158 mm 158 mm
Weight 1.0 kg 1.4 kg

11/2"-11/2" Super

11/2" 11/2" Super
Max pressure 10 bar 10 bar
Max flow-rate 400 - 100 mic
8 m3/h 12 m3/h
55 mic
5 m3/h 7 m3/h
Filtering area 316 сm2 500 сm2
Filtering volume 440 сm3 625 сm3
Lenght (L) 270 mm 370 mm
Width (W) 200 mm 200 mm
Расстояние между соединениями 200 мм 200 мм
Weight 1.1 kg 1.5 kg

Filters of this type are installed before the system to prevent mechanical particles to get into the system.

Warranty: 2 years. The service life of the disc set on the urban water - up to 10 years!