AquaFilter reverse osmosis

RX44111XXX – Four-step reverse osmosis system. The system has two cartridges of pre-treatment – mechanical cartridge FCPS5, which removes mechanical dirt (rust, sand, impurities) from the water, and carbonic cartridge, which removes chlorine, some pesticides and organic substances. Osmotic membrane removes from the water 96-99% of all pollution, that is bigger than 0,001 µm, including some bacteria and viruses. The system is equipped with AICRO post-filter which improves the smell and taste of water. System set includes standard cartridges, membrane, connection to the pipe, faucet, key and storage tank for purified water.

Technical information:

Article RX44111XXX
Размеры (height.х width.х lenght.) 400 x 140 x 340 (mm)
Connection to the water pipe (inch) 1/2"
Working temperature °C 2 - 45
Working pressure (bar) 6
Количество корпусов 2
Number of filtration steps 4

1) polypropylene
2) polyethylene 1/4"
3) white clutch
4) butadiene-nitrite rubber