Aquathin® KitchenTop

Clean water, right on your table

- Maximum performance – from 70 to 90 l/day. - Patented process «Reverse osmosis + Deionization» - provides better protection of your drinking water. - Manual valve for reverse osmosis membrane washing. Regular washing will increase reverse osmosis membrane life up to 5-7 years. - Tabletop model does not require a fixed connection. It connects directly to kitchen tap. Clean water is supplied from the outlet in the housing. - Transparent and elegant housing allows to see the water level in the reservoir (8 liters). - The minimum required pressure in the water pipe – 2,8 Bar.

*The system comes with a set of adapters.

** Water purification systems require that the minimum pressure in water pipe must be 2,8 Bar. In apartment buildings in the city the pressure usually is 3,0-5,0 Bar. Therefore, insufficient pressure problem may accure only in a privat house. Most modern water pumps allow you to adjust the level of the minimum pressure. If you can not adjust the water pump, there are special pumps which increase the pressure in the system, they are installed right before the water treatment system. That pump not only solves the problem with the water pressure, but will increase whole system performance.