Aquathin® AquaQueen

+ Maximum performance – up to 151 l/day. + Manual valve for reverse osmosis membrane washing. Regular washing will increase reverse osmosis membrane life up to 5-7 years. + Built-in manometer allows to easily detect water pressure problem. Patented process «Reverse osmosis + Deionization» - provides better protection of your drinking water.

Aquathin RO+DI

Reverse osmosis

Osmosis process is the basis of metabolism of all living organisms. Due to osmosis every living cell recieves nutrients and removes toxins. We are able to use osmsis due to the semipermeable material - reverse osmosis membrane with a porous structure (0.0001 microns). In the precess of reverse osmosis water and dissolved substances are separated on the molecular level, at that time on the one side of the membrane almost perfectly clean water is accumulating, but all the dirt remains on the other side. Through that reverse osmosis provide a much higher filtering rate than most of the traditional water purification methods. As a result, at the output of the reverse osmosis system we get fresh, tasty and clean water, which doesn't even require boiling. However, the efectivenes of the reverse osmosis membranes while removing one valence salts, nitrites and volatile organic chemicals (benzene, toluene, asbest, dioxins etc.) is only 50-65%. Considering the environmental situation in the modern world, this efficiency is unacceptable.


Aquathin® deionization module contains a set of high-quality ion-exchange resins that trap everything that passed the reverse osmosis membrane. In addition, in the Aquathin® deionization module ion exchange resin is followed by a layer of granular activated carbon, which ensures complete absorbtion of organic compounds and improving the taste of purified water.

Using the «Reverse osmosis + Deionization» process allows the Aquathin® company to guarantee 99.99+% level of cleaning your drinking water from heavy metals, chemicals, salts, nitrates, pesticides and waterborne pathogens.

D / H / W, сm
System 16 / 25 / 45
Storage tank (14 l) 28 / 45 / 28
AquaQueen is densely installed under the sink. Clean water comes from a convenient faucet in the tabletop. The minimum required pressure in water pipe – 2,8 Bar. If there is a problem with the water pressure in the system, a special pump that increases the pressure (by 6-8 Bar) can be easily connected to the system.
AquaQueen 40 RO+DI


  • Life time warranty on all parts except normal replacement of filtering elements and in case of damage.
  • Electrical parts – 2 years.


AquaQueen-40RODI – the system with a manual reverse osmosis membrane wash. To wash, turn the valve on the housing of the system. System should be washed two times a month.

Requires replacement after:
Preliminary charcoal filter 6 months
Reverse osmosis membrane 5 - 7 years
Deionization module 1 - 1.5 year
Carbon post-filter 6 - 12 months

The replacement of the filter elements can be made by filter owner or a specialist from Aquabalt.